Welcome to Lundbeck Contribution Portal for

Educational Grants

Lundbeck is proud to support healthcare professional educational events and continuing medical education.

You can apply for medical education support by registering to Lundbeck Contribution Portal, using the registration link in the left-hand panel, or you can follow and communicate with Lundbeck on pending application and ongoing educational grants by logging in as a registered user.

Please note that upon registration we will send you an email so you can log in and that all communication via Lundbeck Contribution Portal will be in English only.

On technical problems registering to or accessing Lundbeck Contribution Portal, please contact: mededgrants@lundbeck.com

Please allow 2-3 business days for a response to your email inquiry.

Support for Educational Grants are not in any way connected to favorable recommendation, use, purchase, prescribing or support of current or future Lundbeck product(s) or those of Lundbeck’s partners or licensees.